Exterior Detailing

Be ready to shine and show-off your vehicle's exterior with our detailing service. We'll extensively clean, restore and recondition your vehicle's exterior. We know, when your car looks good, you feel good.

How Often Should You Detail Your Vehicle?

Most experts recommend you detail your vehicle 2 to 3 times a year. The more often you have your vehicle detailed, the better condition the car will be in. If you take good care of your car, detailing your car twice a year should be sufficient. If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, having it detailed is a good idea. It is relatively inexpensive, and a clean car can make a big difference on how much someone is willing to pay for it.

What is the difference between Sealants and Wax?

Waxing your vehicle will bring the finish to life. Wax sits on top of the paint and creates a liquid wet finish and deeper hues to give the paint a breathable and natural protection from environmental contaminants, oxidation, moisture, heat, and UV rays. A wax job’s durability will depend on things such as the climate and where a vehicle is stored. A car that is stored inside of a climate controlled garage helps to extend the life of its finish. On the other hand, a daily commute in a humid and hot climate most likely will mean that the finish has a shorter life span.

Sealants are a man made product known for its hard glass finish, longevity and ease of use. Sealants are designed to draw the beauty of the paint out and protect it against anything nature tries to throw at it. A sealant, unlike wax which lays on top of the surface, adheres to the surface which creates a protective shell that can last 6 months or even longer.

Regular Vehicle Detailing Help Your Trade-in Value

Having your vehicle professionally detailed can raise your trade-in value. Products and techniques used by professional retailers can shave off rust, restore the look of the paint, and any other key cosmetic problems. Taking care of your vehicle's exterior on a regular basis, will help protect it from the elements it faces on a daily basis.

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